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Blindfold - Renegade Bondage

High quality vinyl blindfold in masculine design. The ultimate Master and Slave accessories. Easy to clean, easy to use and easy to control. Part o...
9.90 EUR

Fetish Fantasy - Spandex 3 Hole Hood Black

Keep your submissiver incognito with this Spandex 3-Hole Hood. This comfortable open mouth and eyes hood is designed to stretch completely over the...
18.90 EUR

5 pieces D12 Filters for Face Mask

Content: 5x D12 Filters
Replacement filters for some of our Barcode Berlin masks
9.90 EUR

Fetish Fantasy - Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask

This Deluxe Fantasy Love Mask provides with his big eye area absolutely opaque and secret love games. The mask is made of super-soft neoprene and f...
8.90 EUR

Scandal Corset Lace Hood

Embrace your passionate role-playing with this wonderful BDSM accessoir.
22.90 EUR

Scandal Blackout Eye Mask

With this versatile Blackout Eye Mask you are well prepared for tingling erotic experiences.
16.90 EUR

Fetish Fantasy - Zipper Face Hood Black

The slave knows immediately whom the bell tolls as soon as he puts on this spandex mask.
19.90 EUR

Fetish Mask - Black/Ruby

Trust your gut feeling and let your passion run free. You will quickly appreciate the appeal of wearing this mask.
39.90 EUR

Face Mask with Filter - Blue/red

The red and blue face mask also features black linings for color-blocking and a nice contrast that will surely attract attention and looks!
29.90 EUR

Face Mask with Filter - Grey/neon yellow

The neon yellow band is perfect for your sporty/sexy outings and contrasts perfectly with the grey mesh material - keeping in mind yellow means you...
29.90 EUR

Bondage Beginner Black Blowjob Hood

The Black Blowjob Hood by Bondage Beginner allows you to stay incognito and deprive yourself of seeing clearly so you can focus on other senses and...
12.90 EUR

Bondage Beginner Black Fetish Mask

The Bondage Beginner Black Fetish Mask gets you or your partner to experience increased sensation by depriving you of your sight, enhancing your ex...
9.90 EUR

Puppy Play Neoprene Muzzle - Blue

The Puppy Play neoprene muzzle has a fantastic blue color made with comfortable, stretchy and breathable material, perfect for summer puppy activit...
18.90 EUR

Glo in the Dark Bondage - Blindfold

The Blindfold from the Glo in the Dark Bondage collection by NsNovelties enables you to see or be seen in the dark thanks to your fluorescent restr...
12.90 EUR

Puppy Play Neoprene Muzzle - Yellow

With its bright yellow color, the neoprene muzzle is the perfect accessory for a summer full of Puppy Play activities thanks to its breathable and ...
18.90 EUR

Puppy Play Neoprene Muzzle - Red

The Puppy Play neoprene muzzle has a bright red color, perfect to get noticed this summer! You'll also enjoy its light, flexible and comfortable ma...
18.90 EUR

Puppy Play Neoprene Muzzle - Black

The black Puppy Play neoprene muzzle is the perfect fetish accessory for a very active summer thanks to its breathable, stretchy and comfy material!
18.90 EUR

Bondage Beginner Black 3 Hole Hood

With the Black 3 Hole Hood by Bondage Beginner, you'll get to hide your face and get more invested in your BDSM or roleplay sessions!
14.90 EUR 9.90 EUR-34%

Fetish Hood with Eye holes - Black

With the Fetish Hood with only eye holes, you can be incognito and deprive some of your senses for more excitement, sensitivity and desire for hot ...
19.90 EUR 16.90 EUR-15%

Fetish Hood with Eye & Mouth holes - Black

Get ready for hard action: With the Fetish Hood with mouth and eye holes, you can act out your wildest fantasies incognito - blowjobs included!
22.90 EUR 19.90 EUR-13%

Fetish Leather Mask - Black

The fantastic Fetish Mask with black leather will make you look stylish and prevent you from using your mouth and nose during your BDSM session.
49.90 EUR

Fetish Fantasy - Satin Love Mask Black

Create thrilling sexual excitement with this beautiful Fetish Fantasy Satin Love Mask. Try it on your lover or use it as a nightshade for yourself.
4.90 EUR

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