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New Products

Inflatable Anal Plug with Double Balloon

The Inflatable Anal Plug by Rimba is made with the softest silicone material and can be pumped manually to dilate your hole once inserted! With the...
  39.90 EUR

Taboom - Puppy Play Wiggle Tail Anal Vibrator

Show you're a happy boy with the Puppy Play Wiggle Tail, a vibrating anal plug that will wiggle and provide you with very exciting sensations!
  59.90 EUR

Extreme Anal Gear - Invader Open Plug Extra-Large

Get ready for intense anal stimulation thanks to the X-Large Invader Open Plug, a tunnel with stimulating ribs and hollow on the inside to play som...
  29.90 EUR

Extreme Anal Gear - Invader Open Plug Large

The Large-sized Invader Open Plug guarantees some really intense sensations when you insert it anally, feel every rib and play perverse games thank...
  24.90 EUR

Extreme Anal Gear - Invader Open Plug Medium

With the Medium-sized Invader Open Plug, you'll experience intense anal stimulation when you insert it and then be able to play perverse games with...
  19.90 EUR

Senuelo Red Crystal Anal Plug Large

The Large Senuelo Anal Plug has a very sexy and shiny red crystal that will drive your partner crazy and fill you up with very enjoyable sensations!
  18.90 EUR

Renegade - P-Spot Kit Silicone Plugs

The P-Spot Kit from Renegade contains three incredible silicone anal plugs shaped for maximum prostate stimulation and very pleasant insertions as ...
  28.90 EUR

Renegade Bull - Premium Silicone Anal Plug Large

The Renegade Bull Plug has a large size for all anal stimulation pros and those wanting a wider diameter and a longer insertable length for more ex...
  39.90 EUR Poppers Shop
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