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Push Monster - Extreme Deep Throat Masturbator

Its narrowing tube perfectly simulates the tightening inside the throat.
18.90 EUR 9.90 EUR-48%

Masturbator Fuck Hole Black

The Fuck Hole Black Masturbator is aimed at anyone who wants to cum quickly and often.
26.90 EUR

Masturbator Tight Hole Black

The Tight Hole Black Masturbator offers you a tight, narrow anal opening behind which the nubbed love tunnel takes care of your best piece for incr...
26.90 EUR

Masturbator Tight Hole Flesh

The Tight Hole Flesh Masturbator offers you a tight, narrow anal opening behind which the nubbed love tunnel takes care of your best piece for incr...
26.90 EUR

Masturbator Deep Hole Black

The Deep Hole Black is a gorgeous premium anal masturbator with grooved pleasure channel that gently nestles around your good piece and massages yo...
26.90 EUR

Masturbator Deep Hole Flesh

The Deep Hole Flesh is a gorgeous premium anal masturbator with grooved pleasure channel that gently nestles around your good piece and massages yo...
26.90 EUR

Satisfyer Men Classic Masturbator - Black

The new Satisfyer Masturbator Classic for Men is an exciting new product by the german masters of masturbation that have tested their products for ...
39.90 EUR

Satisfyer Men Classic Masturbator - Silver

The new Satisfyer Masturbator Classic for Men is an exciting new product by the german masters of masturbation that have tested their products for ...
39.90 EUR

PDX Fuck My Cock Masturbator

The Fuck My Cock masturbator is a combination masturbator and penis extension for exciting sessions and spice up your sex life!
34.90 EUR

PDX Fuck My Cock XL Masturbator

You've always dreamt of going bareback on a tight ass while you stroke a hard cock, so what are you waiting for? This handheld masturbator has a pa...
44.90 EUR 34.90 EUR-22%

PDX Elite - Vibrating Oral Stroker

Incredible sensations await with the brand new masturbator by Pipedream: the PDX Elite Vibrating Oral Stroker. With its vibrating bullet and firm l...
18.90 EUR

PDX Elite - Air Tight Anal Stroker

Tight Anal Stroker
With Air-Tight suction
Includes 3 silicone cockrings
36.90 EUR

PDX Elite - Hydrobator

This stroker was developed for stimulation involving waterwhile you are simultaneously spoilt by its automatic masturbation technology.
129.90 EUR

Leten - Vibrating Oral Sex Super Masturbator SM350

Rimba presents the 'SM350 Super Masturbator': an incredible oral sex machine that will make you forget your name. This adult novelty has certain fe...
86.90 EUR

Tenga - Original Vacuum Cup - New Edition

Tenga Original Vacuum Cup is the world's best-selling masturbator and returns in a brand new and improved design for much better sensations during ...
12.90 EUR 8.90 EUR-31%

Tenga - Deep Throat Cup US Masturbator

The special LARGE edition Deep Throat Cup has evolved into a bigger product. Insert your cock and feel the difference! The debut of the much antici...
16.90 EUR

Tenga - Air-Tech Reusable Vacuum Cup Masturbator - Regular

Soft Material with Smooth Sensations!

AIR-TECH vacuum cups are the new developed famous cups from Tenga. Enjoy and dis...
22.90 EUR

Tenga - Rolling Head Cup - New Edition

Discover a whole new range of sensations with the new edition of the Tenga Rolling Head Cup masturbator with a flexible body that allow you to enjo...
12.90 EUR

Tenga - Air-Tech Squeeze Reusable Vacuum Cup - Regular

Air-Tech Squeeze Regular pampers you with particularly dynamic and arousing excitement with nubs that have additional sipes.
28.90 EUR

Tenga - Spinner Hexa Masturbator

Experience the brand-new Tenga masturbator Hexa from the Spinner collection: as soon as you insert, you will feel its internal coil retract and twi...
29.90 EUR

Tenga - Spinner Shell Masturbator

The third Spinner of the brand-new Tenga collection is named the Shell and owns up to its name as it provides a more firm texture that is still squ...
29.90 EUR

Tenga - Spinner Tetra Masturbator

Technology is such a wonderful thing! With the brand-new Tenga Spinner, the internal coil twists as you push it down, sending unbelievable sensatio...
29.90 EUR

Tenga - Flip Orb - Blue Rush - Masturbator

Experience hard and flexible beads embedded in soft elastomer for a variable massage with every thrust. In addition, wave-shaped lamellas and the o...
59.90 EUR

Tenga - Flip Orb - Orange Crash - Masturbator

As you penetrate through perfectly positioned balls, countless pimples engage with each other for an entirely smooth effect. At the end of the drea...
59.90 EUR

Tenga - Flip Orb Strong - Blue Rush - Masturbator

Experience the rush of the hottest waves you've ever felt. - Stronger orbs increase your stimulation!
59.90 EUR

Tenga - Flip Orb Strong - Orange Crash - Masturbator

Dynamic edges create the ideal conditions for an even more exciting thrust experience.
59.90 EUR

Tenga - Flip Hole Masturbator - black

The greatest sex toy for men ever made? We think so! The TENGA Flip Hole is a state-of-the-art masturbation device for men. It looks and feels like...
84.90 EUR

COLT Slugger Penis Enlarger

From little rod to a sluggers. No problem – Colt Slugger enlarge your penis up to 4 cm in length. The penis-sleeve is made of plushy soft PureSkin ...
14.90 EUR

Masturbator Crystal Hand Job Stroker

The masturbator Crystal Handjob Stroker consists of 3 balls, which are connected to each other by beautifully narrow, grooved tubes. Inside, the fi...
12.90 EUR

COLT Hot Hole Warming Masturbator

COLT Hot Hole is a shapely anal masturbator with convenience warming feature. The tight opening with the followed ripped tunnel provides hot erotic...
29.90 EUR

COLT Man Butt Masturbator

Butt Plug made of ultra life-like pure skin material. Tight opening, stretchy and ribbed charmed arrange for ultimate anal pleasures. The Plug lays...
32.90 EUR

COLT Hand Job Stroker

Length: 14 cm
Super-Stretchy, hygienically superior silicone sleeve.
14.90 EUR

Masturbator Fire a Gun No.06

The Masturbator Fire a Gun No. 6 made of T-Skin in Flesh feels like a real body opening that can be penetrated to a maximum depth.
12.90 EUR

Fuck My Tight Ass! Mega Masturbator

This is the perfect ass and the most realistic jock bottom you could ever want to hook up with! With over 15 lbs of fresh-tight-fuckhole-fun engulf...
269.90 EUR

The Super Sucker UR3 Masturbator

Super Sucker is the masturbator with the real-mouth sensation. Made with UR3 for an incredibly lifelike feel, its luscious lips and long, ribbed sh...
18.90 EUR

The Super Sucker 2.0 UR3 Vibrating Stroker

This masturbator is made of life-like UR3 material with one opening for super sucking actions. The ribbed internal shaft provides for intense pleas...
28.90 EUR

Titanmen Tool Box Masturbator

Always the perfect tool for the perfect job. Ultra realistic 3.0 material wraps around your tool. Internal threading provides incredible sensations...
18.90 EUR

Push Monster - Deep Throat Vibrating Stroker

Stroker with vibration
Simulates the tightening inside the throat!
19.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Shiny - Pride Edition

Tenga celebrates Pride Worldwide with this new penis masturbator in a special rainbow-coloured Pride coat.
6.90 EUR

Masturbator - Easy Rider - Anal

What the chopper was for the easy rider is this Easy Rider now for man. This great easy to use masturbator brings cruised the climax. Remove the li...
12.90 EUR 6.90 EUR-47%

Tyler Knight Love Doll

Life-like doll with approx. 20 cm penis and 4-color face.
26.90 EUR

Tenga Premium - Air Flow Cup

With the new Premium version of the Tenga Air Flow Cup masturbator, you'll be able to live out the most amazing masturbation session thanks to its ...
16.90 EUR

Hump Gear - Fuckable Analplug XL - Clear

Are you ready for a new butt play experience? Hump Gear is a fuckable plug that can easily fit inside you to give that extra sensation overload for...
59.90 EUR

Boy 19! Twink Stroker Julian Bell

Mouth Stroker molded from Julian Bell himself
Textured tunnel for blowjob-like sensations!
19.90 EUR

Boy 19! Twink Stroker Miles Matthews

Mouth Stroker molded from Miles Matthews himself
Textured tunnel for blowjob-like sensations!
19.90 EUR

Gladiator Vibrating Doll

He will penetrate you with his 7" vibrating "Bigus Dickus," a Roman tongue that still lives and even vibrates too. With an anal opening fit for an ...
62.90 EUR

Boy 19! Twink Stroker Cyrus Stark

Mouth Stroker molded from Cyrus Stark himself
Textured tunnel for blowjob-like sensations!
19.90 EUR

Stroker Super-Stretchable TPE Translucent - SONO No.68

This masturbator No.68 by SONO offers a tight hole and a textured tunnel that will make you want to thrust in and never stop stroking! Not only doe...
19.90 EUR

Push Monster - 10 Speed Vibrating Blowjob Master

Unique kind of masturbator that will turn your glans on in a whole new way.
24.90 EUR

Leten - Future Pro Heating Masturbator - Blue

The blue Future Pro Super Masturbator by Leten is simply put the masturbator of the future and has it all: a state-of-the-art, sleek-looking, heati...
179.90 EUR

Leten - A380 Pro Super Masturbator

The Leten A380 Pro is a Super Masturbator with 5 speeds, 5 programs, sound interaction and heating function. In a word, it's the masturbator of the...
129.90 EUR

Tenga - Original Vacuum Cup - Strong Edition

Get ready for the Tenga Original Vacuum Cup in a special Strong Edition with a more firm inner structure, designed for incredible sensations and wi...
12.90 EUR

Tenga - Original Vacuum Cup - Gentle Edition

Tenga Original Vacuum Cup - Gentle Edition is an update of the best-selling solo masturbator with a better design for better sensations, now with a...
12.90 EUR 8.90 EUR-31%

Fleshjack Boys: Brent Corrigan Butt Fleshjack - Bliss Texture

Get ready for one of the best Fleshjack you've ever tried: the Brent Corrigan Butt Fleshjack with Bliss Texture is simply put an incredible product...
69.90 EUR

FistIt Silicone Stimulation Glove - Black

FISTIT's new Silicone Stimulation Glove has a different texture on each finger to give you exciting stimulating sensations with every session.
28.90 EUR

Dream of Cup MX - Grip Vagina Masturbator

With the realistic Dream of Cup Mx Grip Vagina masturbator, you're about to embark on a journey of lustful sensations, sweet masturbation and incre...
24.90 EUR

Boundless Anus Stroker - Skin

With its light skin tone, the Boundless stroker has everything you need to spend all night long with a plump butt and a tightly built butt hole!
16.90 EUR

Tenga - Aero Dial Silver Ring

Tenga Aero with Cobalt Ring is a brand-new masturbator with an innovative Dial structure to control the intensity of the sucking effect for maximum...
69.90 EUR

Tenga - Aero Dial Cobalt Ring

Tenga Aero with Cobalt Ring is a brand-new masturbator with an innovative Dial structure to control the intensity of the sucking effect for maximum...
69.90 EUR

PDX Male - Pump & Dump Stroker - Clear

PDX Male's Pump & Dump is a new masturbator or "Stroker" that has the added feature of being semi-transparent for excitedly checking out your cock ...
8.90 EUR

PDX Male - Pump & Dump Stroker - Skin

The new Pump & Dump masturbator or "Stroker" in light skin colour is smooth as silk and extra-supple to provide the best sensations during your mas...
8.90 EUR

Fleshlight - Stamina Training Unit - Butt

The Stamina Training Unit masturbator is a brand new update of the Fleshlight model that realistically replicates the same sensations of real inter...
69.90 EUR

Tenga Premium - Soft Case Cup

Premium Soft Case Cup comes with improved materials and design!
14.90 EUR

Tenga Premium - Dual Sensation Cup

The Dual Sensation Cup from the new Premium Tenga Series is made with more sophisticated and higher-grade materials to provide you with better sens...
19.90 EUR

Tenga Premium - Rolling Head Cup

With the Rolling Head Cup from Tenga's brand-new Premium collection, you'll experience the best masturbation sensations on top of incredible glans ...
15.90 EUR

Tenga Premium - Original Vacuum Cup

The new Original Vacuum Cup by Tenga Premium is an improved version of the classic and best-selling masturbator by the japanese manufacturer.
14.90 EUR

Masturbator - Dark Easy Rider - Anal

The Dark Easy Rider is a great portable masturbator that features a super soft inner tunnel and feels just like the real thing!
12.90 EUR 6.90 EUR-47%

Man Wand - Shaft Vibrator

Man Wand is a brand-new vibrator for man that will stimulate your meat from below, right on the knob, frenulum and shaft.
69.90 EUR

Tenga Pocket - Wave Line

Try the Tenga Wave Line from the Pocket Series and discover incredibly smooth stimulation thanks to the endless waves on the inner tunnel.
6.90 EUR

Boundless Anus Stroker - Caramel

With its Caramel skin tone, the Boundless stroker will satisfy your every need with its perfectly rounded butt and tight butthole, available all ni...
16.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Set New Standard

Enjoy a more attractive price with the Tenga Egg Standard Pack, six masturbating eggs that will give you pure ecstasy during your masturbation sess...
38.90 EUR

Tenga Pocket - Spark Beads

With the masturbator Spark Beads by Tenga Pocket Series, you'll love the bold beads for boisterous fun!
6.90 EUR

Tenga Pocket - Click Ball

With the Tenga Click Ball from the Pocket Series, you'll discover spherical nubs that ripple all over your best piece when you're inside.
6.90 EUR

Tenga - Dual Sensation Cup

Experience double the fun with the Dual Sensation Cup by Tenga, the Japanese manufacturer of best-selling masturbators in the world!
14.90 EUR

Boundless Anus Stroker - Transparent

The clear material of the Boundless stroker is very exciting and you'll have loads of fun thanks to the perfectly rounded butt and tight butthole, ...
16.90 EUR

Fleshjack Boys: Colby Keller Butt Fleshjack - Lumberjack Texture

Feel every one of Colby Keller's intimate folds and curves in his SuperSkin sleeve created from his actual body casting with this amazing Fleshjack...
69.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Set Wonder Pack

Enjoy the six brand-new Wonder Tenga Eggs with never-seen-before designs that will stimulate every single inch thanks to their incredible inner tex...
38.90 EUR

PDX Elite - Viewtube See-Thru Stroker

For an exciting sight when masturbating and to see yourself in action, thrust in the ViewTube See-Thru Stroker!
26.90 EUR

Fleshjack Boys: Max Konnor Butt - Overdrive Texture

You're in for a treat with the Max Konnor and his Overdrive Fleshjack, a faitfhul reproduction of his butthole created to satisfy you at every sing...
72.90 EUR

Autoblow - A.I. Sleeve Skin Anus

Autoblow A.I.’s interchangeable sleeve system lets you turn your blowjob machine into a sex machine by simply swapping sleeves. Enjoy the ultimate ...
49.90 EUR

Autoblow - A.I. Sleeve Skin Mouth

The Autoblow sleeves are built to last but if your silicone mouth sleeve has reached the end of its life you may wish to replace it. Just pop this ...
49.90 EUR

Tenga - Flip Zero Gravity Masturbator - Hard Edition

The black Tenga Flip Zero Gravity masturbator is an incredible masturbator at the highest standard of technology featuring bold, densely-packed det...
119.90 EUR

Personal Trainer Love Doll

Get to work with the Personal Trainer Love Doll, a life-sized inflatable doll that is always ready for a ride!
34.90 EUR

The Mail Man Love Doll

The Mail Man Love Doll always delivers thanks to the premium molded features, the tight ass always ready for action and the rock hard cock.
34.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Wavy II

The Tenga Egg Wavy II is an improved version of the best-selling egg with an even more impressive design promising even more sensations.
6.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Wind

With the new Tenga Egg Wind, enjoy vertical wave stimulation with the intertwined and continuous wavy ridges all over the tunnel to live out 360° s...
6.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Stud

The new Tenga Egg Stud is fully covered of hard hexagonal protrusions to stimulate every single inch during rubbing and enjoy incredible sensations.
6.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Mesh

Get the Tenga Egg Mesh and live out incredible pleasure when stroking with its thick mesh-shaped and solid edges by stretching it up and down durin...
6.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Tube

With the Tenga Egg Tube, you'll enjoy the twisting and large wavy ribs all around the tunnel for great vertical and horizontal stimulation.
6.90 EUR

Tenga - Egg Curl

Get the Tenga Egg Curl and experience dynamic stimulation through the large and sharp drill-like nubs, so you can focus on tight stroking sessions.
6.90 EUR

Tenga - Spinner Pixel Masturbator

Pixel is the softest of the last generation. Its tunnel contains ladder shape bulges which stimulates the penis smoothly. It has likewise the bigge...
29.90 EUR

Tenga - Spinner Brick Masturbator

Brick features a heavily textured tunnel with bold impacting tiles. Its strength is definitely focused on stimulation, as it is the cup with the st...
29.90 EUR

Tenga - Air Flow Cup

Try the best of Tenga's technology with the improved version of the Air Flow Cup, an incredible masturbator with a special air opening that allows ...
14.90 EUR

Tenga - Bobble Masturbator Crazy Cubes

Try the new Crazy Cubes Bobble masturbator by Tenga, a wonderful, soft and super stretchy stroker filled with five edgy cubes that bouce and fill y...
29.90 EUR

Fleshjack Boys: Griffin Barrows Butt - Cake Texture

Get the full attention of the hunky bearded bottom Griffin Barrows with this exciting Fleshjack personal masturbator molded on the actor himself to...
72.90 EUR

Fleshjack Boys: Cade Maddox Butt - Alpha Texture

Be the first to tame Cade Maddox, the ultimate Alpha male and top actor, thanks to his very own Fleshjack masturbator molded directly and faitfully...
72.90 EUR

Boundless Reversible Stroker - Ribbed

The Reversible Ribbed Stroker from Boundless, the new series of masturbators by Calexotics, is the promise of endless pleasure in the palm of your ...
14.90 EUR

Boundless Reversible Stroker - Nubby

With the Reversible Nubby Stroker from Boundless, a new series of masturbators from Calexotics, you'll get to know incredible pleasure during your ...
14.90 EUR

Dream of Cup MX - Venus Masturbator

This masturbator lets you forget everything around you and catapults you to the stars!
26.90 EUR

Cosy - Blow Cox Pocket Masturbator

Get acquainted with the Blow Cox masturbator, an orgasmic pleasure stroker made with extra-elastic material by Chisa Novelties.
16.90 EUR

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