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COLT Master Cleanser

Anal douche in nozzle shape for the targeted and exact dosages your favourite liquid. With the easy pull handle you can receive and fill the liquid...
17.90 EUR

Inflatable Play Sheet - Black

The Inflatable Play Sheet transforms your bedroom into a ring of hot hand-to-hand sessions with your partner without the risk of spilling lube and ...
69.90 EUR 59.90 EUR-14%

Fetish Fantasy - Inflatable Position Master

Indulge your wildest fantasy with the Inflatable Position Master. The slanted, flocked design allows you to relax in any position without sliding o...
26.90 EUR

Cobeco Toycleaner Foam 160 ml - Lemon

Content: 160 ml
Price per 1 litre: 61,90 EUR
9.90 EUR

MALE Cobeco Talcum Maintenance Powder 150g

Content: 150g
Talcum Maintenance Powder is a specially powder to care your masturbators, latex andrubber outfits.
7.90 EUR

Eros All Purpose Toy Cleaner Without Alcohol 200 ml

Content: 200 ml
Price per 1 litre: 44,50 EUR
For hygienic cleaning and disinfecting sexto...
8.90 EUR

Surface Cleaner 150ml

The new surface cleaner is a registered product for disinfecting surfaces such as shopping trolleys, door handles, toilet seats...
12.90 EUR 6.90 EUR-47%

Hygienic Hand Gel 150ml

The new disinfectant gel is a registered product to disinfect your hands as protection against viruses and bacteria.
12.90 EUR

Dicky Sipping Straws (10pc)

With these fun Dicky Sipping Straws, your next party will be wild and unleashed! Everybody loves a good pecker in the mouth, so share these with yo...
6.90 EUR

Anal Plug Soap - Flesh

Get this funny anal plug soap at home to make your guests laugh! This Anal Plug Soap is the perfect addition for your bathroom or as a present for ...
9.90 EUR

Rubber Glove long black
  • M
  • L

These rubber gloves cover up to your elbow so that you can enjoy incredible sessions of fisting, fingering and masturbating.
29.90 EUR

Love Swing - Multi Vario

With Multi Vario you will soar up to supernatural orgasms. New horizons for living out your lust will present themselves.
129.90 EUR 109.90 EUR-15%

Eros Action - 20% Alcohol Toy Cleaner 150 ml

Content:150 ml
Price per litre: 65.99 EUR

The Eros Action Toy Cleaner con...
9.90 EUR

Eros 2in1 - Intimate Toy Cleaner 150 ml

The new Eros 2in1 Intimate and Toy Cleaner is the ideal spray to clean your toys and your intimate zones with care, ease and a pleasant effect on y...
9.90 EUR

WetPlay - PVC Bedsheet 210x200cm Black

Get the WetPlay Bedsheet made with waterproof PVC, a game-changer for all your future Wet And Messy (WAM) sessions, easy to set up and to clean aft...
24.90 EUR

WetPlay - PVC Bedsheet 210x200cm Red

Put the fantastic bright red WetPlay Bedsheet on top of your mattress or directly on the floor and experience game-changin Wet And Messy (WAM) sess...
24.90 EUR

Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner - 177 ml

Content: 177 ml/9 oz.
Price per 1 litre: 72,88 EUR
With the new Swiss Navy Toy & Body Cleaner your person...
12.90 EUR

Mystim The Goldfather E-Stim Conducting Gel 250 ml

Content: 250 ml
Price per 1 litre: 75.6 EUR
Bottle with pump dispenser
18.90 EUR

Fetish Pad - 15 pieces

Fetish Pads are an ideal base for all fetish areas. They are pleasantly soft, breathable, tearproof and extremely absorbent.
36.90 EUR

FistIt Lube Shooter Injector

The Lube Shooter by FistIt is a long tube that you should use in order to insert lube or water with more precision, ease and control. Put simply th...
14.90 EUR

Lube Tube

Put your favourite lube exactly where you want it. Use the exact amount of every time. Easy to fill, dispense and clean. Content: 2 tubes.
7.90 EUR

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