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Peniskäfig Spiked Pleasure Dome

The cock cage "Spiked Pleasure Dome" is a special chastity device made to entrap your penis and stimulate it thanks to the spikes and the removable...
  59.90 EUR

Bouncing Weight Clamp

The "Bouncing" Weight Clamp is a brand-new addition to our shop, giving you extra stimulation during your kinky nipple session!
  24.90 EUR

Nylon Hand and Feet Hog-Tie Cuffs

Restrain your partner's every move thanks to the Nylon Hand and Feet Binding Cuffs, also called "Hog-Tie" due to its famous positioning reminescent...
  14.90 EUR

Glow in the Dark Green Rope 5m

The new Glow in the Dark Green Rope measures 5 meters and will let you bind yourself or your partner during exciting and kinky bondage sessions!
  22.90 EUR

Fetish Mask Leather - Black

The fantastic Fetish Mask with black leather will make you look stylish and prevent you from using your mouth and nose during your BDSM session.
  49.90 EUR

ManCage Cock Cage Model 25 - Transparent

With the transparent ManCage Model 25, an see-through cock cage made with polycarbonate, you will be locked up and forbidden from getting an erection.
  44.90 EUR

ManCage Cock Cage Model 24 - Black

Get the Penis Cage Model 24 by ManCage and you'll experience some of the best submission sessions whether solo or with your partner.
  49.90 EUR

OUCH! Xtreme Blindfold Head Harness Solid Ball Gag

If you like to be touched while blindfolded to enhance your sensations, then the Xtreme Blindfold Head Harness from Ouch! is perfect for you!
  26.90 EUR Poppers Shop
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