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10 x Black Latex Gloves
  • M
  • L

10 pieces black latex gloves. Powder-free, suitable for left and right hand.
4.90 EUR

OUCH! Teasing Wax Candles - Small

The Teasing Wax Candles by Ouch! are black candles to turn your kinky session into more exciting BDSM games with melting hot wax.
9.90 EUR

Push Xtreme Fetish - 130g Stretcher Steel Weight

Solid stainless steel weight for weighting nipple clamps, ball stretchers and cockrings. This highly polished metal piece pulls nipples, testicles ...
12.90 EUR

Collar with Rivets - Black

With this fashionable rivet collar you will cause a stir wherever you go.
12.90 EUR 8.90 EUR-31%

Make Me Melt - Warm Drip Candles - Red

With the Red Hot pack of candles Make Me Melt by Iconbrands, you'll love new, fantastic, fun and hot games with your partner.
12.90 EUR

Make Me Melt - Warm Drip Candles - Black

This fantastic pack of Jet Black candles Make Me Melt by Iconbrands will get you to live out fantastic BDSM fantasies and hot games.
12.90 EUR

Make Me Melt - Warm Drip Candles - Passion

Experience titillating BDSM fun with the wax-play candles Make Me Melt by Iconbrands in this pack of multi-colored candles of Passion Tones.
12.90 EUR

OUCH! Tease Candles - Mix

This mixed pack of wax candles contain 4 small candles with different smells, getting you in the mood for some torrid action: Sea Salt and Cedar (b...
12.90 EUR

OUCH! Tease Candles - Sinful

With the Sinful Smell pack of wax candles with blood orange flavor, your senses of smell and touch will get the perfect boost!
12.90 EUR

OUCH! Tease Candles - Disobedient

The Disobedient Smell pack of wax candles has a black fig flavor which is the perfect smell to get you in a naughty mood.
12.90 EUR

Anal Speculum

Rectal speculum made of stainless steel. The speculum can to be opened to approx. 4,5 cm and can be fixed by an adjusting screw.
18.90 EUR

FistIt Masturbation Glove - Black

Dotted and ribbed design, with a little mouth between thumb and index finger that will take care of some extra stimulation!
24.90 EUR

FistIt Latex Short Gloves - Black

Indispensable when it comes to hygienic play. They are ultra-strong but yet very thin, giving just the right touch!
29.90 EUR

Black Mont - Anal Quintuple Glove

The Anal Quintuple Glove is a great BDSM glove with different textures on each finger for some really exciting finger- or fist-fucking sessions.
29.90 EUR

Fetish Fantasy - Shock Therapy Kit

Shock Therapy kit is perfect for first-timers and those new to e-stimulation.
LCD screen displays the function and intensity level
with ...
39.90 EUR

Ultimate Anal Spreader Large

This anal spreader can open the back door up to 9.5cm. At the scissors-like handle is a detent which can be released with a lever at any time. T...

49.90 EUR

Ultimate Anal Spreader

Try the Ultimate Anal Spreader for maximum backdoor pleasure as it can open you wide up with its practical and exciting speculum design.

49.90 EUR

The BDSM Workbench

Fresh from our development workshop this prototype has arrived - a butt-plug with two vices, one for the penis and one for the testicles. The anal ...
59.90 EUR

Inflatable Play Sheet - Black

The Inflatable Play Sheet transforms your bedroom into a ring of hot hand-to-hand sessions with your partner without the risk of spilling lube and ...
69.90 EUR

Love Swing - Multi Vario

With Multi Vario you will soar up to supernatural orgasms. New horizons for living out your lust will present themselves.
129.90 EUR

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