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Push Monster - Anal Plug Medium 2.0

Black Anal Plug in Monster-size Medium (14 x 4cm) made of flexible, skin-safe TPE ✓ Ideal for advanced anal training ✓ latex and phth...
9.90 EUR

Push Monster - Anal Plug Large 2.0

Black Anal Plug in Monster-size Large (14 x 5cm) made of flexible, skin-safe TPE ✓ Ideal for advanced anal training ✓ Latex and phtha...
16.90 EUR

Push Monster - Premium Silicone Anal Expander Kit

3 anal plugs to continue and expand on your anal training and stretching!
39.90 EUR

Push Monster - Premium Silicone Anal Trainer Kit

3 soft silicone anal plugs to start and expand on your anal training!
29.90 EUR

Classic Butt Plug - small black

Total length: approx. 10 cm
Diameter: approx. 2.5 cm
11.90 EUR

COLT Anal Trainer Kit

Firm and pliable butt plugs provide incremental training stages from small to medium to large.
26.90 EUR

COLT Pumper Plug Large

This inflatable butt plug with suction cup is made of pliable and durable silicone. An easy squeeze bulb and a quick air release valve allow easy h...
38.90 EUR

All Black Plug 39

With this wonderful black mushroom plug your sexual fantasies will turn into real unforgettable experiences. Despite its enormous size, this huge p...
14.90 EUR

Titanmen - Trainer Tool Nr. 5 Buttplug

With its special design and size for anal training, the Trainer Tool No 5 by TitanMen has all features to show you a very good time!
22.90 EUR

Mystim Rocking Force E-Stim Buttplug L

Perfect for couple soft torture or simply better masturbation sessions, the Rocking Force is a fantastic anal plug that will rock your world, not o...
76.90 EUR

Mystim Little John Buttplug S

With his compact diameter of 4 cm, Little John is the Butt Plug perfectly suited to get started with anal fun.
89.90 EUR

Mystim Romeo E-Stim Dildo

Mystim's Romeo is a vaginal and anal probe. His light weight and organic shape make him especially appealing: The material mix of surgical steel an...
59.90 EUR

Roll Play Anal Plug Black - Large

This size is already above average and with a little practice you will soon be ready for the absolute peak of stimulation.
18.90 EUR

All Black Fist Plug 92 - Small

You'll notice how your hole slowly expands and eagerly takes in all five fingers.
16.90 EUR

Inflatable Anal Plug with Double Balloon

The Inflatable Anal Plug by Rimba is made with the softest silicone material and can be pumped manually to dilate your hole once inserted! With the...
39.90 EUR

Renegade - Spade Silicone Anal Plug - Medium

Spade is a medium-sized butt plug to continue your training on the way to the big league of anal sextoys.
16.90 EUR

Renegade - Spade Silicone Anal Plug - Small

Spade is a small anal plug that will quickly become your favourite, especially if you're a beginner as far as anal sextoys are concerned.
14.90 EUR

Hump Gear - Fuckable Analplug XL - Clear

Are you ready for a new butt play experience? Hump Gear is a fuckable plug that can easily fit inside you to give that extra sensation overload for...
59.90 EUR

Coolmann Plug'n Play Butt Plug and Lube Set - 50ml

Best anal kit for beginners!
19.90 EUR

Puppy Play Silicone Tail Anal Plug - Black

If you want to wag your tail filled with joy, then this is just the right toy for you.
16.90 EUR 9.90 EUR-41%

Puppy Play Silicone Tail Anal Plug - Red/Black

If you want to wag your tail filled with joy, then this is just the right toy for you.
16.90 EUR 9.90 EUR-41%

Inflatable Butt Plug - Silicone Pleasure Large

With the Large Plug of this series you will take your plug action to the extreme.
29.90 EUR

Inflatable Butt Plug - Silicone Pleasure Medium

This is the medium version that is ideal for advanced lovers of anal stimulation.
24.90 EUR

Inflatable Butt Plug - Silicone Pleasure Small

Inflatable up to a diameter of 2.76" (7 cm), this anal plug provides a pleasant stretch.
19.90 EUR

Starter Silicone Anal Plug

The small Sphere silicone plug is the perfect starter for your anal journey, with its safe and hygienic material, its smaller size and its perfect ...
6.90 EUR

Radikal Fat Plug - S

The Radikal Fat Plug in its Small size is the perfect piece of anal stimulation that you need if you want to continue your anal stretching sessions...
12.90 EUR

Radikal Classic Plug - XS

Get ready for maximum pleasure with the incredible Radikal Classic Anal Plug and its Xtra Small size, particularly recommended for complete beginne...
7.90 EUR

Radikal Classic Plug - S

With the Radikal Classic Anal Plug and its Small size, you will be able to experience amazing intense sensations even if you're a beginner thanks t...
9.90 EUR

Radikal Classic Plug - M

Created for your deep satisfaction, the Medium-sized Radikal Classic Anal Plug will fill you up and satisfy all your sexual cravings wits its perfe...
14.90 EUR

Radikal Classic Plug - L

With the Radikal Classic Anal Plug in its Large size, you will experience intense anal satisfaction every time you play thanks to its classical yet...
24.90 EUR

Radikal Spade Plug - S

The Radikal Spade Plug is a wide sized plug - even it its Small size - to provide you with incredibly pleasing anal stretching sensations.
9.90 EUR

Radikal Spade Plug - M

With the Radikal Spade Plug and its Medium size, you'll experience incredible anal stretching sensations and is recommended for advanced players.
16.90 EUR

Radikal Slim Plug - S

The Radikal Slim Plug in its Small version has everything you need to start your anal session slowly and at your rhythm if you're a beginner in thi...
8.90 EUR

Radikal Slim Plug - M

The Radikal Slim Plug is also available in a Medium sized version that will easily slide in you and provide you with great sensations throughout yo...
9.90 EUR

Radikal Slim Plug - L

With the Radikal Slim Plug in its Large version, you'll experience intense anal satisfaction with its long insertable length that reaches deep erog...
14.90 EUR

Radikal Fat Plug - L

Get ready for maximum stimulation with the Radikal Fat Plug in Large size for amazing stretching sessions thanks to its wide diameter.
29.90 EUR

COLT Weighted Pumper Plug

The COLT Weighted Pumper Plug is an inflatable probe made to enhance anal pleasure with a practical hand pump and hose that are very easy to connec...
39.90 EUR

Inflatable Butt Plug - Double Channel Dog Tail

The Double Channel Dog Tail is an Inflatable Butt Plug made with the softest silicone material and can be pumped manually to dilate your hole!
48.90 EUR

The Brave Vibrating Anal Plug

The Brave is a medium-sized anal plug with vibrating battery to create extra stimulation and deeply satisfying sensations for your next-level anal ...
46.90 EUR

Puppy Play Tail Silicone Anal Plug

The Puppy Play Tail is a silicone anal plug that lets you wag your tail and wiggle sideways every time you're excited!
29.90 EUR

Small Curved Silicone Anal Plug

With its small size but respectable insertable diameter, the Small Curved Silicone Anal Plug can reach quite deep and satisfy you from the inside!
9.90 EUR

The Stout Inflatable & Vibrating Anal Plug

The Stout is an inflatable and vibrating anal plug featuring 7 vibration modes and 3 different speeds for mind-blowing sensations! The inflatable f...
56.90 EUR

Heavy Hitters Weighted Prostate Plug Large

Get a heavy blow to your backdoor with the brand-new Heavy Hitters Comfort Plug in the Large size, a soft silicone plug with the perfect size.
49.90 EUR

Auto Inflate Silicone Anal Plug

Try the Auto Inflate Silicone Anal Plug, a wonderful automatic butt plug that inflates and vibrates at your command thanks to the practical remote ...
69.90 EUR

OUCH! Glow in the Dark - Puppy Tail Plug

Take the Puppy Tail butt plug for a ride from the Ouch! Glow in the Dark series, you'll be filled with joy and visible in the dark!
36.90 EUR

OUCH! Glow in the Dark - Butt Plug Cock Ring & Ball Strap

Combine the power of the cocksling with a delicious anal plug to experience stimulation from the front and the back thanks to the Butt Plug Cock Ri...
39.90 EUR

Black Mont - Anal Play Plug S

The Small Anal Play Plug by Black Mont is the perfect size if you want to start your anal session slowly thanks to its small diameter. Its round sh...
12.90 EUR 8.90 EUR-31%

Black Mont - Anal Play Plug M

With the Medium Anal Play Plug from Black Mont, you can start some amazing anal sessions thanks to its medium-sized diameter.
16.90 EUR 12.90 EUR-24%

Black Mont - Anal Play Plug L

The Large Anal Play Plug from Black Mont has the perfect size to deepen your anal session and make it extreme!
19.90 EUR 14.90 EUR-25%

Renegade Bull - Premium Silicone Anal Plug Medium

This Renegade Bull plug is available in Medium-sized for advanced players in prostate massages, with a thicker diameter and a bigger insertable len...
32.90 EUR

Renegade Bull - Premium Silicone Anal Plug Small

This butt plug is available in three sizes to convey all types of amazing stimulation for every level : this smaller sized plug is perfect for begi...
24.90 EUR

Renegade Bull - Premium Silicone Anal Plug Large

The Renegade Bull Plug has a large size for all anal stimulation pros and those wanting a wider diameter and a longer insertable length for more ex...
39.90 EUR

Renegade - P-Spot Kit Silicone Plugs

The P-Spot Kit from Renegade contains three incredible silicone anal plugs shaped for maximum prostate stimulation and very pleasant insertions as ...
28.90 EUR

Taboom - Puppy Play Wiggle Tail Anal Vibrator

Show you're a happy boy with the Puppy Play Wiggle Tail, a vibrating anal plug that will wiggle and provide you with very exciting sensations!
59.90 EUR

Loveline - Teardrop Shaped Anal Plug Large

The Large Teardrop Shaped Anal Plug from Loveline lets you experience incredible anal stimulation with its exciting design so you can enjoy the mos...
19.90 EUR

Anal Plug MisSweet Gun Drops - Blue

The Anal Plug MisSweet Basic Training Gun Drops in transparent blue provides Kegel exercises and anal sphincter exercises at its finest. It is made...
4.90 EUR

Hi-Basic Sassy Anal Plug - Blue

The Sassy Anal Plug from the Hi-Basic series by Chisa Novelties brings varied sphincter training and makes absolutely sassy. It is made of transpar...
6.90 EUR

Mystim O(h!)-thello E-Stim Ovaldildo

The Mystim O(h!)-thello is an oval dildo suitable for vaginal as well as anal use. Its very smooth curves provide an intense stimulation that alrea...
89.90 EUR

Anal Fantasy Collection Inflatable Silicone Plug

Inflatable Silicone Anal Plug
Perfect for advanced users
28.90 EUR

Power Plug & Penisring Smoke

Enjoy a hard erection and a nice stimulation of your prostate - what more could you want. This great sextoy from ToyJoy Manpower is designed to sti...
14.90 EUR

Cock Lock Intruder - 40mm With 40mm Egg

Inner-Diameter: ca. 40 mm
Egg-Diameter: ca. 40 mm
Double your pleasure and fun with the Cock Lock Intruder. The Cock Lock Intruder keeps ...
26.90 EUR

Self Penetrating Butt Plug - SONO No.67

The new and exciting "self-penetrating" technology consists of two weighted balls inside the plug that roll up and down to increase your sensations...
24.90 EUR

Icicles No. 26 - Hand Blown Glass Massager Anal Plug

Elegant and luxurious plug made of hypoallergenic glass. The Icicles Plug is hand blown and captivate with a sleek body and absolutely non porous m...
29.90 EUR

Mystim John Buttplug L

With his compact of 5 cm is John the perfect Butt Plug.
98.90 EUR

ZIZI Beads Analplug Black

17 cm long anal stimulation with triple different diameters. The egg shaped balls are inclined for a wider diameter. The light curved tip stimulate...
12.90 EUR 9.90 EUR-23%

ZIZI One Finger Analplug Black

As a famous Chinese proverb says: "when the wise man points at the moon, the fool looks at the finger". The lover of new and intense thrills may al...
8.90 EUR

ZIZI Catcher Analplug Black

This solid plug provides with his oval diameter shape differently stretching moments. Insert, turn and pleasure the different stretching areas. The...
12.90 EUR

ZIZI Tracer Analplug Black

With its sympathetic and reassuring size, the Tracer, outfitted with progressive “stages”, is our plug for the fearless beginners who already know ...
9.90 EUR 7.90 EUR-20%

ZIZI Torena Analplug Black

Classic, simple, obvious, a basic plug with a more noticeable size. After the highly valued success of its range of cock rings, Zizi now turns to p...
9.90 EUR 7.90 EUR-20%

ZIZI Goku Analplug Black

Our morning boiled egg, beautiful energy supplier, sufficient to get one in shape for the day. After the highly valued success of its range of cock...
12.90 EUR 9.90 EUR-23%

ZIZI Koichi Analplug Black

Realistic and powerful, our compact model of an erect veined penis can be discreetly taken everywhere, like a lipstick in the handbag. After the hi...
9.90 EUR 7.90 EUR-20%

ZIZI Chikubi Analplug Black

A model for connoisseurs, varied in its gradations, with tight grooves. Allows numerous games and a wide variety of sensations. After the highly va...
9.90 EUR

ZIZI Spades Analplug Black

This cheeky anal plug provides pleasurable stimulation through his curved and concave shaft. The differently bulges spreads exciting feeling up to ...
14.90 EUR

ZIZI One Fist Analplug Black

A small fist to peacefully train, discover and access the joys of a practice that can be scary but which definitely guarantees a number of wonderfu...
12.90 EUR 9.90 EUR-23%

ZIZI Tetrad Analplug Black

Sophisticated, it is a kind of small rosary, which ensures a graduated pleasure that will appeal to everyone. For extrovert experts. After the high...
12.90 EUR

ZIZI Raise Analplug Black

Classic, simple, and of a good size, this plug is a nice big drop that will rather overflow you with pleasure and naughty sensations rather than th...
9.90 EUR 7.90 EUR-20%

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