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Tenga - Vacuum Gyro Roller Set



The Tenga technology is back with a very exciting new product: the Vacuum Gyro Roller, a machine that you fix on top of your official Tenga masturbator for some incredible sensations! You will simultaneously enjoy powerful rotations and suction until you climax!

If you love Tenga and want to discover automatic masturbation, the Gyro Roller is a sure thing for you! It operates intuitively with the four buttons so you can cycle through the Vacuum strengths and patterns as well as the Rolling and Gyrating modes.

Find the ultimate combination for the most satisfying sensations when you masturbate and stroke with the Tenga Gyro Roller. You can choose between the Auto and Manual modes: when you choose Manual, the cup and gyrating rotations will go the way (and increase) when you tilt the product! Tilt it more, the rotations will be more intense! When you choose Auto, the pre-set modes use the gyroscopic sensors to control the rotation at the same time as you move the machine for incredible stroking and orgasmic sensations.

When fully recharged thanks to the USB cable, the battery has an autonomy of 60 minutes but this will be more than enough for your session! The gyrating patterns will make you go crazy, as would some of the best blowjobs, you will never want to try another masturbator without this technology!

Product details:
✓ Air suction and rotation masturbator
✓ 4 rhythmic suction patterns
✓ Intuitive gyroscopic controls
✓ Simple detachable design
✓ Reusable and rechargeable
✓ Compatible with several Tenga series for different sensations

Included: 1x Vacuum Gyro Roller, 1x Rolling Tenga Original, 1x USB charging cable, 1x User manual

Total length: approx. 18 cm
Width: approx. 8.5 cm
Weight: approx. 760 g
Battery: Li-Ion polymer battery, rechargeable with USB cable (included)
Recommended lube: water-based
Material: elastomer, ABS, silicone, PC
Color: black, red

299.90 EUR
incl. VAT.
in stock

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