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5 pieces D12 Filters for Face Mask

Content: 5x D12 Filters
Replacement filters for some of our Barcode Berlin masks
9.90 EUR

Face Mask with Filter - Blue/red

The red and blue face mask also features black linings for color-blocking and a nice contrast that will surely attract attention and looks!
29.90 EUR

Face Mask with Filter - Grey/neon yellow

The neon yellow band is perfect for your sporty/sexy outings and contrasts perfectly with the grey mesh material - keeping in mind yellow means you...
29.90 EUR

Open Shoulder Harness - Black
  • S/M
  • L/XL

The Shoulder Harness Open by TOF Paris is a great looking single harness for your shoulder that showcases your muscles and attracts looks with the ...
38.90 EUR

Identity Wrist Band - Top

With the Top wristbands by Barcode Berlin, you remind everybody who you are in the bedroom and will attract a lot of bottoms at your feet.
8.90 EUR

Identity Wrist Band - Twink

The Twink wristbands by Barcode Berlin with light blue writing are a great way of showing who you're into or simply reminding the world that you're...
8.90 EUR

Identity Wrist Band - Daddy

With the Daddy wristbands by Barcode Berlin, you show who's boss at the party and get ready for people to gather around you and call you Daddy.
8.90 EUR

Identity Wrist Band - Queen

Show everyone who's boss with these fantastic Queen wristbands by Barcode Berlin that scream what a sexy diva you aspire to be.
8.90 EUR

Identity Wrist Band - Lover

Show your current mood with the Lover wristbands by Barcode Berlin, announcing that you're currently looking for love and affection or a very passi...
8.90 EUR

Identity Wrist Band - Slut

Wear the Slut wristbands by Barcode Berlin and scream to the world that you're in a really slutty mood and ready for anything!
8.90 EUR

Pride Love Wristband

This super cute Pride Love Wristband from Andrew Christian is a great accessory to show your support.
8.90 EUR 3.90 EUR-56%

PWR BTM Glow-In-The-Dark Wristband

Show everybody that you're a Power Bottom with the new Glow in the Dark Wristband from Andrew Christian!
9.90 EUR

PWR TOP Glow-In-The-Dark Wristband

The Glow in the Dark Wristband shows everyone that you're a Power Top! Particularly fun to use at night or in the club, this silicone wristband is ...
9.90 EUR 3.90 EUR-61%

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