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Original Booster Large


Push Production

Now even the big square bottles like Amsterdam and Liquid Burning have their Original Booster so you can enjoy way stronger sensations thanks to its incredibly well-though design. It's not only made with super soft brushed plastic for maximum comfort, the elongated neck and corridor inside allow the most intense air suction possible for way more pleasure with your poppers.

Unlike the old version of the small booster, which was much smaller and less intense, you'll be able to get your kicks with this new booster at no extra cost - because the Original Booster is actually cheaper! High quality doesn't have to mean high cost!

This version of the Original Booster Cap has a Larger thread and is compatible with all big square bottles such as Rush, Amsterdam, Jungle Juice Black Label, Radikal Rush and many others.

Made from high quality brushed plastic, the Original Booster Large is as soft as silk and its threaded cap provides the perfect grip for turning and screwing on your cap or when you want to remove it easily.

The nostril design prevents direct contact with the bottle or aroma for added safety and is rounded for more comfort.

The three air intake holes allow the aroma to circulate perfectly and the long neck design allows for more intense puffs during your session. Try it today and you'll find your poppers will be more intense thanks to this simple but very useful accessory!

Product details:
✓ Compatible with all big square bottles
✓ For large openings
✓ High-quality brushed plastic
✓ Easy to use and clean
✓ No delicate handling, just screw it on!
✓ For a better experience and more intensity for poppers
✓ No contact with the bottle
✓ Aroma only escapes through the tunnel

7.90 EUR
incl. VAT.
in stock


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