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Poppers Adapter with Cap - Republik

With the brand-new Poppers Adapter by Republik, you will experience some of the most intense sensations ever with your favorite poppers! Just screw it on to replace the cap and get ready for a more easy and user-friendly use for your small, oval and aluminium bottles.

With this design, you can use it one handed by just flipping the protective cap off, just press on the top and it will open with ease.

The elongated design allows for more strength to build up before it reaches you! Made with smooth but hard plastic, the practical cap is made with two parts to prevent you from coming in contact with the aroma inside. The sleek design and big opening of the nozzle allow for a great and comfortable experience, so sit back, relax and enjoy the new and improved strength of your favorite poppers!

Important information:
The bottle must always stay upright. Do not shake.
The adapter does not prevent leaks and evaporation.
To open it with ease, just tilt the top of the protective cap with your thumb.
During use, do not block the small air hole at the base of the cap.
After use, replace the original cap and clean it with warm water.

Compatible with most bottles:
- all small poppers
- all medium poppers except the Magnum line
- all "oval" big poppers like Rush Ultra Strong, BareBuddy and Xtrash
- all "tall" bottles like Highrise Ultra Strong
- all "aluminium" bottles like Iron Fist
- all "XL" round bottles like Radikal Rush and Amsterdam Revolution

9.90 EUR
incl. VAT.
in stock


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